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13th Conference in Korea,2007

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Dates October 18-19, 2007
Location Seoul, South Korea
Host Organization Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
Participating countries Hong Kong / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Vietnam / India(Report only)
Theme A. Country Report A1.Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(1) Main Macroeconomic Indicators
A2.Overview of Construction Industry
(1)Construction investments
(2)Construction Companies
(3)Employees and Construction Labor
(4)Productivity (5)Construction Cost

B. Theme Paper -"Innovation" B1.Case Studies on Innovation practices in construction industry
(1) Matters and issues to innovate
(2) Efficiencies and results by innovation
(3) Limitations and constraints of innovation
(4) Lessons Learnt

B2.Future Developments
(1) Socio-econornk and political constraints
(2) Suggestions from industry
(3) Regulation and institutional frameworks

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